Semalt Expert: The Most Awesome Website Scrapers To Acquire Data From The Web

If you are trying to type a query in your browser, the most likely you are looking for a proper web scraper to extract the data from the net. However, there are more efficient ways to get any content you need, and we're going to present you all of them.

Ever since the internet started growing regarding data size and quality, the data scientists and coders started looking for new website scraping services. You can either scrape data from the internet manually (that's possible only when you have learned Python, PHP, JavaScript, C++, Ruby and other programming languages), or can use a website scraper to accomplish your tasks.

The second option is better than the first one because a scraper can transform the raw data into a structured and organized form and does not require a line of code.

1. ParseHub

With ParseHub, you can easily scrape more than 1,000 URLs at a time. This tool is suitable for both programmers and non-programmers and extracts data from multilingual sites. It uses specific APIs to help you find from hundreds to thousands of keywords with just a few clicks. With this scraper, you can search all the videos available on YouTube and target them at once.

2. CloudScrape (also known as

CloudScrape is one of the best and most famous web scraping tools. It navigates through different web pages, collects data, scrapes it and downloads to your hard drive easily. It is a browser-based web application that can accomplish numerous data scraping tasks for you.

You can directly save the extracted data on Google Drive and Alternatively, you can export it to CSV and JSON formats. is best known for its anonymous data extraction properties and offers different proxy servers to fulfill your requirements. You can scrape up to 200 URLs instantly with this tool.

3. Scraper

It is a Chrome extension with unlimited data extraction properties. With Scraper, you can easily extract information from a dynamic website, conduct online research, and export the data to Google spreadsheets. This program is suitable for freelancers, app developers, programmers, and non-coders. Scraper is a freeware that works right in your web browser and generates tiny XPaths. It defines your web content in a better way and helps crawl your web pages. You don't need to tackle the messy configuration, and the properties and features of this tool are similar to that of ParseHub.

4. Scrapinghub

Scrapinghub is one of the best scraping tools on the net and helps fetch valuable data by using a specific proxy rotator to perform its tasks. Scrapinghub is best known for its user-friendly interface and uses bots to crawl different web pages. It provides complete spam protection to its users and extracts data from the entire website with just a few clicks.

5. VisualScraper

Just like ParseHub and Scrapinghub, VisualScraper is a powerful, reliable and authentic web scraper. With this tool, you can extract data from over 2000 URLs at a time. The software helps scrape information from several blogs and sites and fetches the result in real-time. You can also use VisualScraper to extract information from PDF documents, JPG and PNG files, and HTML documents. Once the data is scraped, you can export it to formats like SQL, JSON, CSV, and XML. VisualScraper is compatible with different web browsers and operating systems and is primarily available for the Windows and Linux users.

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