Semalt Expert: How to Get Your Content Marketing ROI Measured

Every business needs a marketing plan for it to reach the consumers. In the case of e-commerce, companies use a variety of programs to get adequate visibility online. Typical methods which companies use include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). Some businesses use Content marketing to get a good visibility on the SERP's. Content marketing is now a method every business would wish to begin executing. Some of the well-established companies gain a lot of benefits from effective content marketing skills.

In some ways, content marketing may be different from SEO. For this reason, it is bit expensive and might incur some extra costs. As you formulate your budget, you may wonder about the factors to consider as you expect to gain positive results later.

Jason Adler, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, offers the following ways to monitor your Return on Investment (ROI):

Understanding your business needs

Needless to say that in order to succeed it is important to understand your business needs. For instance, effective SEO requires proper targeting as well as efficient SEO campaigns, which reach the appropriate target in the niche. For e-commerce, you may have to set both primary and secondary goals. Primary goals include such aspects like sales, conversions and the number of web visits.

Some online tools offer direct methods of monitoring clients entry to the websites. For instance, Google Analytics can be an awesome tool to use to monitor traffic coming to your site. For example, one can set up sales channels, which can ensure you harvest valuable information. This data can be metrics like the business performance and the ROI of your Content Marketing campaigns. Many ad campaigns can be causing significant drops in the way information flows. Many tools and plugins present in most content management systems can enhance your SEO efforts in bringing some of the benefits of content marketing.

Data analytics and metrics are critical

Most content management systems contain numerous tools, which can offer data collection and analysis. Analyzing data is very important. You can get to know to pick or track calls and get meaningful insights regarding the operation of your business. There are many call tracking software, which can help companies to handle leads. Many SEO techniques target at filtering visitors to get a cream of the ones who have the highest probability of converting to a sale. For instance, some of these software offer content creation ideas. You can be able to know the page, which the caller was before, on or after the call. This information has meaningful insight on what the caller wants and proceeds to make necessary adjustments on ad campaigns. Some marketers try to work out ROI on ad campaigns.


For every e-commerce business to succeed, the marketing skills have to be efficient as well as productive. One of the essential ways of ensuring this is through practicing active content marketing techniques. Tracking the performance of your marketing campaign against your invested funds may be difficult. However, you can control and monitor your progress using the methods in this guideline.

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