Can you play two hands at the same time in Ultimate Texas Holdem Poker? We've had mixed player feedback on whether or not this is allowed, but it seems clear that it shouldn't be. Private games may set their own rules, however.



Does anyone know if you can play two ultimate holdem hands at once, like in blackjack? I feel like playing multiple hands would help increase your odds by being able to see more cards. With just one deck being used, you can see start to cancel out cards that the dealer could have. If one of the hands has a higher pair, the hand with the lower pair can be more confident that the dealer does not have that higher pair since one of the cards is in the other hand.


I'm almost positive that you can't play two hands at once because that definitely would give the player an advantage. I don't know if it would be enough to put the odds back into the player's favor, but either way, I think most casinos don't allow it. In blackjack, there isn't really an advantage to seeing another hand with 6 or 8 decks. But that's why you can't play multiple hands in single deck blackjack and why they deal the cards face down in it as well.


ya, you can't play 2 hands in ultimate at the same time. You're not even allowed to tell other players what you have, but most dealers are pretty relaxed about it, especially if people at the table are playing trips.


I once played at an ultimate holdem table where everyone discussed what they had. The pit boss never came by the table, and the dealer could barely speak english. It actually helped a lot. When a majority of the players got pair or better, the rest of us knew there was less chance that the dealer would get a pair. It let us be more bold at times we normally wouldn't have been, and it let us know when to fold if noone had a pair. I won $350 in about 2 hours, and I think one lady won over $1000.

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